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E-liquid (e-juice) is the fluid used in e-cigarettes and is one of the most important parts of the vaping experience.Vapista e-cigarette shop only sells the highest quality e-liquids. You can be confident that the e-liquid you purchase is clean and of high quality. If you are having trouble selecting the best e-liquid for you then check out this article here.



Element e-liquids NEW!

Element e-liquids are the finest on the planet. From chill and refreshing watermelon to roasted tobacco- Element always delivers. Element liquids are the finest production of USA. Consistency for all Element e-liquids are 50%VG / 50%PG

Dinner Lady e-liquids

Dinner Lady e-liquids offer exciting flavours of your favourite desserts. From the traditional apple pie to more adventurous tastes like Suntan Mango, Dinner Lady has you covered! Dinner Lady e-liquids are manufactured in the UK. Consistency for all Dinner Lady e-liquids are 70%VG / 30%PG


Furiosa e-liquids

Furiosa e-liquids offer exotic and rich flavors fot the most demanding cloud chasers. Take a thrilling trip deep into the heart of the jungle and try out some Lava Drops or explore the undiscovered island of the mythical Furiosa dragon and try some Ivy Fruiosa Eggz. Furiosa e-liquids are manufactured in France. Consistency for all Furiosa e-liquids are 90%VG / 10%PG

 Liqua e-liquids

Liqua e-liquid flavors are developed by highly skilled flavorists and reflect the latest trends in vaping. From NY Cheesecake to Tropical Bomb- Liqua e-liquids offer you are great vaping experience! Liqua e-liquids are manufactured in Europe. Consistency for all  Liqua e-liquids are 65%VG / 35%PG

Aramax e-liquids

Aramax e-liquids offer max vapor, max flavor, max savings - maximum vaping pleasure. From fruity flavors to classic tobacco and menthol- Aramax has it all. Aramax e-liquids are manufactured in Europe. Consistency for all Aramax e-liquids are 50%VG / 50%PG