Flavoring Flavourart Morning Sun 10ml


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A milky flavour carefully blended with the sweetness of freshly cut fruit

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  • Flavoring Flavourart Morning Sun 10ml


Product description:

Flavourart flavorings also offers a wide variety of fresh and fruity blends, too. From the deep, rich taste of Juicy Strawberry to the summertime sensation of lusciously Tahiti Lime or Passion Fruit, Flavourart has a tasty treat for everyone to enjoy. Have you ever tried to make a Melon Cantaloupe-flavored vape juice? Well, now you can. They all taste so good!

Recommended usage and specifications:

  • Suggested Starting Use: 2% - 3%
  • Storage: No heat or light
  • Propylene Glycol based
  • Diacetyl Free 
  • Acetoin Free
  • Acetyl Propionyl Free