Which is the best e-cigarette?

Which e-cigarette is suitable for you? How to choose an e-cigarette for yourself? The most important step on the path to quitting smoking for the beginner e-cigarette user is finding the right equipment

Incorrectly chosen equipment might not function in the desired fashion and the vaping experience may seem unpleasant. One might think that an e-cigarette is just a “thing”. 

In reality, an e-cigarette may become an aid in your journey towards a healthier lifestyle by turning a simple “thing” into an eventual lifesaver. You have taken the first step. You have come this far to get help. 

Now it is our turn – the Vapistas take a step towards you and help you on your journey. We will help you find the most suitable e-cigarette and all the accessories that are best suited to you. We will offer support if you need it. If you feel you have difficulties or you are thinking of throwing the e-cigarette aside and reaching for a pack of cigarettes, then remind yourself of this sentence: The Vapistas are there for you. Quitting smoking is difficult, but everything done together is easier! 


How does an e-cigarette work?


The e-cigarette has three components:

Battery or device: The battery is simple, stick shaped and usually has one button. The button transmits power from the battery to the vaporizer and from there to the heater. Devices are more complex than that. They may have changeable batteries or built-in batteries. Devices usually have a screen and electronic components that allow changing power, temperature and much much more. Devices give you the opportunity to further adjust the vaping experience so that it is more pleasant and comfortable for you. 

Vaporiser: The vaporizer is the part of the e-cigarette that contains the liquid and heater. Vaporisers can be differentiated according to shape, capacity and air flow. Airflow divides vaporizers into two – directly to the lung and from mouth to lung. 

Heater: The heater is at the base of the vaporizer and its task is to vaporize the liquid. The heaters are usually made of wire which is heated using the energy coming from the battery. The liquid starts to boil and steam is created. There are basically two types of heaters distinguished by resistance and air flow. Low resistance heaters heat up quicker, provide high air flow and are meant for smoking directly to the lungs. Correspondingly, mouth to lung heaters has higher resistance and narrower air channels. 

An e-cigarette is personal and an individual aid which is based on your needs. Our professional team assists you with advice and together we can find out about your needs!