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Which is the best e-cigarette?

Which e-cigarette is suitable for you? How to choose an e-cigarette for yourself? The most important step on the path to quitting smoking for the beginner e-cigarette user is finding the right equipment

Incorrectly chosen equipment might not function in the desired fashion and the vaping experience may seem unpleasant. One might think that an e-cigarette is just a “thing”. 

In reality, an e-cigarette may become an aid on your journey towards a healthier lifestyle by turning a simple “thing” into an eventual lifesaver. You have taken the first step. You have come this far to get help. 

Now it is our turn – the Vapistas take a step towards you and help you on your journey. We will help you find the most suitable e-cigarette and all the accessories that are best suited to you. We will offer support if you need it. If you feel you have difficulties or you are thinking of throwing the e-cigarette aside and reaching for a pack of cigarettes, then remind yourself of this sentence: The Vapistas are there for you. Quitting smoking is difficult, but everything done together is easier! 


How does an e-cigarette work?


The e-cigarette has three components:

Battery or device: The battery is simple, stick shaped and usually has one button. The button transmits power from the battery to the vaporiser and from there to the heater. Devices are more complex than that. They may have changeable batteries or built-in batteries. Devices usually have a screen and electronic components that allow changing power, temperature and much much more. Devices give you the opportunity to further adjust the vaping experience so that it is more pleasant and comfortable for you. 

Vaporiser: The vaporiser is the part of the e-cigarette that contains the liquid and heater. Vaporisers can be differentiated according to shape, capacity and air flow. Air flow divides vaporisers into two – directly to the lung and from mouth to lung. 

Heater: The heater is at the base of the vaporiser and its task is to vaporise the liquid. The heaters are usually made of wire which are heated using the energy coming from the battery. The liquid starts to boil and steam is created. There are basically two types of heaters distinguished by resistance and air flow. Low resistance heaters heat up quicker, provide high air flow and are meant for smoking directly to the lungs. Correspondingly, mouth to lung heaters have higher resistance and narrower air channels. 

An e-cigarette is personal and an individual aid which is based on your needs. Our professional team assists you with advice and together we can find out your needs! 

Come and visit our Vapista showrooms. It is best to try different models (to get a better understanding) before buying an e-cigarette. In our showrooms you can try different models and liquids. 

If you do not have the possibility to visit a Vapista showroom to choose your e-cigarette we can assist you over the Internet. Contact us by e-mail - The Vapistas are always there for you in any case and we await you! Do not forget that together everything is easier! 

The heater is burnt:

  • You are vaping too often.
  • The device is incorrectly adjusted. Make sure that the wattage range on the heater corresponds with the wattage set on the device. 
  • You did not moisten the heater sufficiently before vaping.
  • The liquid is too dense and cannot enter the heater. 
  • The heater has a defect.

Tips to solve the problem:

  • In the case of a new heater try making several puffs without pressing the button on the device and let it rest with liquid for 15 minutes. 
  • Take the first puffs with lower strength. 
  • If the first tests do not work, try a more fluid liquid. 


Liquid enters your mouth during vaping:

  • The equipment is incorrectly adjusted.
  • The heater has a defect or needs changing because it is old. 
  • After filling the vaporiser, closing the vaporiser has created pressure in it that forced excessive fluid to seep into the heater (flooded the heater). 

Tips to solve the problem:

  • Try increasing the device’s power. Check if the heater has a recommended power (wattage range). Lower power during vaping causes more liquid to seep into the heater than the vaporiser is capable of vaporising. 
  • If the heater is flooded and vaping with higher power does not help, then turn the vaporiser’s mouthpiece downward and let the excessive liquid drip out/remove the mouthpiece and clean the excessive liquid with a dry tissue. 
  • Try using a denser liquid.


Leaking. Liquid leaks from the vaporiser’s air vents:

  • When filling the vaporiser with liquid, liquid has entered the air channel from where steam escapes. 
  • There is a crack in the vaporiser’s glass, the seal or heater is old and/or worn.
  • The equipment is incorrectly adjusted.
  • The heater has a defect or needs changing because it is old. 
  • After filling the vaporiser, closing the vaporiser has created pressure that forced excessive fluid to seep into the heater (flooded the heater). 

Tips to solve the problem:

  • Check the glass for cracks and if the seals are in order. If the seals have stretched out or are broken, then air can enter the vaporiser through the gaps and the liquid will begin to leak from the heater’s air vents. 
  • If you use an RBA heater, ensure that the wadding is properly in place in the liquid channels and does not allow for excessive liquid to seep through the heater. 
  • Check that the heater is properly secured to the base of the vaporiser and that the vaporiser’s lid is properly closed. 
  • Make sure to close the air vents when filling the vaporiser with liquid. 
  • When filling after vaping, it is recommended to ensure that the vaporiser is not overly hot. Heat makes the liquid more fluid and the liquid can easily start leaking through the heater. 
  • The lid should be placed on the vaporiser as quickly as possible after filling. 
  • Try increasing the device’s power. Check that the recommended wattage range printed on the heater corresponds with the adjusted power on the device. 
  • When the vaporiser (e-cigarette) is not in use, the air vents should be closed. 

The device says “Too hot”:

  • You are vaping too often. High power and low resistance heaters may create such a warning on the screen. The device will show such a message when the electronics reach a temperature at which continuing vaping is dangerous for the device. If the device has changeable batteries, remove them and let the device as well as the batteries cool for 15 minutes. 
  • The device may be defective if you vape calmly and not too much and the device responds with the message after a couple of puffs. We recommend contacting our client services in such cases. You can contact our client services by e-mail:


The LED light on the button flashes (Equipment used as an example: Vape Pen 22):

  • The heater is defective (go to the nearest Vapista showroom and we will exchange the defective heater) 
  • 8 second protection. The LED light flashes 5 times if you hold the button down longer than 8 seconds. In such a case the battery ceases to forward power to the vaporiser. 
  • Resistance protection. If the resistance of the vaporiser’s heater is lower than
    0.1 ohm or higher than 2.5 ohm, then the LED light will flash 4 times and the battery will switch itself off automatically. 
  • Low voltage (V) protection. If the battery’s voltage drops below 3.3V then the LED light flashes 15 times and the battery ceases to send power to the vaporiser. 
  • The equipment is defective if the LED light does the following:
    The LED does not stop blinking
    2.The LED does not switch off

Tips to solve the problemfor:

  • Try using a heater with resistance of 0.1-2.5 ohm. If the heater has resistance in the range of 0.1-2.5 ohm and the equipment still does not function, then the cause might be a defective or old heater. 
  • If the equipment does not become functional, contact our client services. Our client services can be contacted by e-mail:


The device says “Atomizer short”:

  • Check that the vaporiser’s heater has a resistance greater than 0.1 ohm.
  • Remove the vaporiser from the equipment and check that the heater is correctly attached to the base of the vaporiser. 
  • If possible, exchange the old heater with a new one. 
  • If you have the possibility, then try attaching another vaporiser to the equipment.
  • If other vaporisers function with the equipment, then the vaporiser or heater must be defective. 
  • If the other vaporisers or heaters do not function, we recommend contacting our client services. Our client services can be contacted by e-mail:


The device says “No coil” or “No atomizer”:

Possible causes:

  • A poor connection between the vaporiser and the device. Remove the vaporiser from the equipment and clean the equipment’s 510 threaded connection. Clean the vaporiser’s connection point too. 
  • The heater does not connect or is broken. Open the vaporiser and check that the heater is properly attached to the vaporiser’s base. There is also the possibility that the heater has a defect or is old and the wire inside is broken. 
  • If neither of the previous variables did not resolve the issue, then the 510 threading may be defective, and we recommend contacting our client services. Our client services can be contacted by e-mail: 


The device says “Ohms too low” or “Ohms too high”:

Possible causes:

  • The device does not have a proper connection with the vaporiser. Check that the vaporiser has been placed together correctly as well as correctly attached to the device (!!but it should be remembered that when screwing the vaporiser onto the device, excessive power is not needed nor recommended!!)
  • Check that the heater is correctly screwed onto the vaporiser’s base. If it is, try using another heater. 
  • There is the possibility that the 510 connection is damaged or defective in which case we recommend contacting our client services. Our client services can be contacted by e-mail:


The device’s screen does not function:

Possible causes:

  • The device is in “stealth mode”. In the given mode the device’s screen is switched off while vaping. Changing modes is explained in the user manual or by contacting our client services. 
  • The device is defective. Please contact our client services. Our client services can be contacted by e-mail:


About e-cigarettes:

The e-cigarette or electronic cigarette reduces damages and is a superb aid in quitting smoking. You will certainly find a good e-cigarette from our web store to finally quit smoking! Below we present three starter packages that we would show you in our showrooms. The equipment makes quitting smoking simple and efficient. Should you have further questions be sure to contact us. You may also read more about e-cigarettes here: About e-cigarettes?

The heater is the component of the e-cigarette which vaporises the liquid. The heater needs to be exchanged as over time it collects dirt and the taste becomes unpleasant. The heaters presented here are suitable for the above e-cigarettes. Contact us if you have any hesitancies about the suitability of the heater

The e-liquid consists of only a few components: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and flavourings. The e-liquid is heated with the heater until boiling which creates steam which can be breathed in. There is a broad range of flavours for e-liquids, with or without nicotine. Below there is the Ever Vape liquid series which is highly suitable for use with the above e-cigarettes. 

The vaporiser is the “tank” for the liquid, consisting of the e-liquid and heater. Our web store offers different vaporisers in case you want to build your own e-cigarette using a vaporiser and separate devices or MODs. Here are three vaporisers which are well suited to those wanting to quit smoking. 

E-cigarette devices or MODs. The task of the device is to give the vaporiser power so that the heater gets hot. There are very different devices. Currently devices are almost always with screens, which contain electronics that give the vaporiser the exact power you have chosen. Below there are three devices which are well suited to the above vaporisers. The devices come with built in batteries as well as with exchangeable batteries.