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What is e-liquid? What does it consist of? (VG/PG) How do I choose a suitable liquid?

E-liquids are used in electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes. The e-liquid consists of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and flavourings. The Vapista e-cigarette shop
only sells the highest quality liquids. You can be confident that the liquid you purchase is clean and of high quality. 

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The ABC’s of choosing an E-liquid 

When the time comes to choose an e-liquid we are usually faced with a dilemma. There are so many different flavours to choose from and the liquids are also different in terms of consistency. 

There are liquids which are so-called single flavoured such as cherry, melon, watermelon etc. There are different mixtures which might contain menthol or consist of different flavours (for example strawberry yoghurt, mango milkshake, pina colada, icy blueberry etc.). 

The assortment of e-liquids is so wide that everyone is sure to find their favourite. 

What shall one definitely consider when choosing an e-liquid? 

  • When buying liquids, their PG* and VG** relationship must certainly be taken into consideration as not all liquids are suitable with all equipment. 
  • It must be determined which e-liquid concentration is necessary and suitable. 
  • Finally, your taste preferences must also be considered. 


We explain the PG and VG components in more detail

*PG (propylene glycol) – Propylene glycol carries flavours in the liquid and is a thinner. PG itself does not significantly vaporise but is felt in the throat and reminds one of the smokes coming from cigarettes. Liquids containing 50% and more PG are more suitable with the mouth-to-lung vaping style and equipment. 

Propylene glycol also binds humidity. It is used in ready-to-eat foods, the cosmetics industry and asthma inhalers. 

**VG (vegetable glycerine) – Vegetable glycerine is the part of the liquid that creates vapours. Pure vegetable glycerine has a delicate sweet taste. Liquids with a higher VG level are more suitable with a vaping style and equipment that goes directly to the lungs. VG is significantly gentler and softer on the throat. 

Glycerine also acts as a humidity binder and is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.