Who is Vapista?

Vapista is a professional. Vapista is the one you can come to with your worries and be convinced that a solution will be found. Your relationship with Vapista starts when you make the decision to quit smoking forever. Vapista will help you seek the best personal solution by finding the most appropriate e-cigarette and e-liquid for you. You will receive advice and training on how to use an e-cigarette and how to take care of it. Vapista is beside you on the journey where YOU will quit smoking!

We encourage people to turn towards us for the given reasons as we are sincerely concerned about the well-being of smokers. 
Why Vapista? The word “barista” was the inspiration for choosing the name Vapista. 
A barista is a professional maker of coffee. 
“A barista knows the equipment, coffee types, methods of brewing coffee, how to judge the quality of coffee, coffee recipes, and client preferences. A barista is the same kind of educated person about coffee as a sommelier is in the field of wine.”

Just like a barista is a professional in brewing coffee, we are professionals in vaping. We train ourselves daily about everything concerning vaping – liquids, equipment, research and everything else. We offer high-quality equipment, liquids and accessories to ensure your transition from smoking to vaping will be as pleasant as possible.
Vapista is with you when you quit smoking tobacco and helps you along the entire way towards a less damaging lifestyle.

Vapista as a business partner

We are a goal orientated company that tightly cooperates with our partners to achieve the objectives. We always have our values in mind as we fulfil our goals. We consider uncompromising quality and sustainable work methods to be very important while cherishing innovation and entrepreneurship. 
With close to 5 years of experience in developing the e-cigarette market in Estonia, we are specialists in our field focusing only on e-cigarettes and related products. 
We are devoted specialists who value your time and therefore offer you a complete service as possible, so you can deal with what is important for you.